Boat Launch Repairs at Landing

Raven Lake Boat Launch Repair

Tentative date for work is Monday Sept.14 through Friday Sept. 25th

The crib wall structure that makes up part of the Raven Lake Boat Launch has been assessed by Township of Algonquin Highlands staff and has been found to be in need of repair.

The tentative date range for work is Monday Sept.14 through Friday Sept. 25th. The ramp will be out of service for these dates.

They will be marking and/or fencing off a work area around the ramp area, the area will be marked out on the ground with paint ahead of time.

We have been asked not to park vehicles near the ramp area as of Sept. 14th to leave room for the dump trucks and backhoes to manoeuvre.

The docks will be pulled out onto shore for maintenance and to allow room to work.

They will dig out the old crib backfill, and either re-use or replace it for the new crib.

The marked ground area will be large enough to accommodate the fill, the pulled out docks, lumber and to allow access for the equipment. There will be a geotextile silt fence placed along the shore and in the water all around the docks and cribs to protect the lake from sediment/erosion. We have been asked to keep our boats away from the textile fence and notify them if rough weather causes any problems with the fence.

Raven Lake Cottagers’ Association