The Landing

The Landing at Hwy 35 is the hub of our Raven Lake community. It is the welcoming arrival place for many people visiting the lake. A majority of cottagers on the lake are boat access only, so an accessible, safe and orderly landing is vital for the majority of RLCA members.

The Landing by Andrew Gooderham

Andrew Gooderham’s illustration above pokes fun at the way our landing used to be before the RLCA had a Landing Committee. At times, it still resembles this scenario on long weekends. Residents, businesses, ecotourists, and public services all share access to the lake via the landing. As the number of users increase, the challenges and complexities around lake access increase for our lake community.

The RLCA Landing Committee continues to work for us by developing a plan to ensure its members have secure and sustainable lake access into the future. Please stay tuned for more landing info and updates on these pages.

Landing Resources

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