Safe Boating on Raven Lake

25 Jun 2020 2:53 PM | Graham Donald (Administrator)

As Raven Lakers we really love being on the water. Since many of us have water access cottages, we depend on boating to access our properties. We also use our boats for sports and leisure activities. It is important to all of us that we are able to use Raven Lake with the expectation of safe and responsible behaviour from ourselves, our family, friends and neighbours that we share the water with. 

With summer now officially here, we would like to remind everyone to be safe and courteous on the water. There have been several close calls with boaters not following the "rules of the road" recently and none of us want to have a tragedy on Raven Lake. A few tips for safe boating on the water:

  • Have sufficient life jackets for every passenger onboard 
  • Always use proper navigation lights between dusk and dawn (red/green on the bow, white on the stern)
  • Don't drink and drive
  • Pay attention to your speed, noise and wake
  • Watch for and take proper care around swimmers, kayakers, paddle boarders and canoers 
  • Try to avoid using the same part of the lake for towed sports all day
  • Take care around boats towing a skier, wakeboarder, tuber, etc

Some helpful guides for boating in Canada:

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