Volunteer for Raven’s “Love Your Lake” Shoreline Evaluation

Lake health is critical to both the recreational and economic value of all shoreline properties. Shoreline ecology specialists recommend that 75 percent of a lake’s shoreline needs to be maintained in a natural state to support a healthy lake ecosystem.

Love your LakeTo determine where we are now, in order to decide what needs to be done in the future and how to get there, Raven and Deer Lakes will participate in a shoreline evaluation project and Raven Lake Cottagers’ Association needs your help.

Be a Volunteer Boat Driver!

The project is scheduled to start on Monday August 15, 2016. About 200 waterfront properties will be evaluated, about 40 a day. We are looking for two volunteer boat drivers, with boats to chauffeur the two evaluators around the lake on the days of Monday August 15th to Friday August 19th and Monday August 22nd. We are looking for volunteer drivers with boats for any of these days. The hours are expected to be 9 AM to 5 PM each day.

As this program will be impacted by weather, flexibility is required to accommodate changes. We also need volunteers who would be available to drive for Monday August 8th to Friday August 12th, or Tuesday August 23rd to Friday August 26th, if the need arises.

So if you’d like to have some fun on the water, please get in touch with Patricia Smith at patricia.m.smith29@gmail.com or 905.793.4136 as soon as possible.

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